Shane is a self-taught freelance photographer based in Houston, tx.
He is best known for his respectably fast turnaround and ability to customize his images based on the client's personality and style.  He doesn't photograph everything the same way and believes the image should represent the emotions being photographed as honestly as possible. He prefers natural light and uses his good sense of insight and taste to find the most appealing and beautiful you.  

His passion for photography began while living and studying Industrial Design in Bologna, Italy. It was there he first picked up a camera and began taking pictures of his newborn Daughter's birth and life adventures for fun. 

Shane has always had an interest in other cultures, taking risks, and traveling. He's been a model, a snowboard Instructor in Aspen Co, a PGA Golf Teaching Professional in Southern California, and as a young man growing up in Texas. He loved working construction during the summers taking jobs as a Carpenter and an Ironworker. In High school. He excelled in sports. Lettering in soccer, football, and track during his Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years. Shanes's passion for the arts, adventure, sports, fashion,  and the challenges that come with pursuing them have helped shaped his eye in photography. Having first-hand experience in what it is he's capturing, creates a greater imagination.  

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